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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine also known as Han Medicine, valuable wealth of the Chinese nation, has made tremendous contributions to the proliferation and prosperity for the Chinese nation. As Traditional Medicine Treatment concept is gradually accepted by the world, traditional medicine gets more and more attention by the international community, the growing demand for Chinese medicine worldwide, which provides broad space for the development of Chinese medicine.
National policy on TCM services
    National Economy and social development in the compendium of the Twelfth Five-Year Plan: "Support the development of the pharmaceutical industry": Emphasize on both Chinese and Western medicine, develop Chinese medicine and the preventive health services, and promote the inheritance and innovation of Chinese medicine, attach importance to the development of the national chinese medicine and the Medical education, strengthening Chinese medical institutions and talent ranks construction of Chinese medicine. Strengthen the protection of traditional Chinese medicine resources, research, development and rational use, to promote quality certification and standards construction. Medical insurance policies and essential drugs policies should encourage the provision and use of pharmaceutical services.
Corporate Purpose
    With more and more serious environmental pollution and haze, acid rain occuring more and more frequently, the climate is also extremely unusual, blown hot and cold, as well as other various reasons, resulting in dampness pathogen easily invading the body, the body humidity such various factors cause more and more people to suffer from rhinitis now, and lead to respiratory obstruction. Therefore, we must attach great importance to rhinitis, but some of the popular drugs for rhinitis in the market, mostly contain such scary western medicine ingredients as hormones and antibiotics, and only alleviate,couldn’t cure. To promote the Chinese Traditional Medicine Recipe, our company, together with veteran doctors of TCM with extensive clinical experience and rich Chinese medicine theory, has developed one kind of rhinitis with significant effect and excellent reputation, can cure a variety of rhinitis effectively, especially has magical effect on polyps.
Company, with the faith, inherit the culture of chinese medicine, develop the Chinese medicine brands, unite old and new doctors in the chinese medicine and social experts with passion in the pharmaceutical industry, and to explore the medical technology popularize the common knowledge of Chinese medicine, has research on Chinese medicine market, establish a well-known brand, pioneer the pharmaceutical sales channels, so as to achieve the renaissance of the traditional Chinese medicine culture, improve people's health, in order to build a socialist harmony. With the leaders’ efforts and the support of the old Chinese medicine practitioners, our recent vision is to carry forward 10 or more old Chinese tradition recipes. 
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Rhinitis Medicine Powder
Rhinitis Medicine Powder



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