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Rhinitis Medicine Powder

Rhinitis Medicine Powder

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  •           Rhinitis, the disease named from western medicine, as the name implies, it’s nose inflammation, caused by bacteria. Rhinitis, nasal inflammatory disease, is inflammation of the nasal mucosa caused by virus, bacteria, allergens, various physical and chemical factors and some systemic diseases. According to the view of western medicine, it’s justified to use western medicine, antibiotics. Because antibiotics can be anti-inflammatory, inflammatory treatment should cure the patient. In fact, what about the results? Rhinitis treated with antibiotics, no one better in one hundred, but more serious, and even getting into refractory disease. Rhinitis is a frequently-occurring disease, but it is not an incurable disease. But the reality is that western medicine treatment of rhinitis, tend to make simple disease into a chronic disease, and at the same time bring in more and more diseases. What is the reason? It’s that rhinitis is not just because of a sick nose, but also some systems of the body have problems at the same time.
    Rhinitis Medicine Powder: medicine applied from outside, significant curative effect, can cure a variety of rhinitis effectively and have magical effect on nasal polyps.
    From the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, the cohesion of TCM syndrome differentiation and treatment essence, combined with finest natural medicine, using its unique formula, add and subtract compatibility. To strengthening vital qi and eliminate pathogenic factor, recuperate the heat and cold in the full body conditioning, "unity of Yin and Yang, qi and blood, fully restore physiological function of nasal mucosa. Qi throughout channels, fundamentally completely heal rhinitis, and treat both principal and secondary aspect of disease.
              Material: turtle son, piper with wood, musk, dragon's blood, three nai, angelica dahurica, honeysuckle, huang2 lian2, cortex phellodendri, magnolia flower, borneol, these herbs mixed, grinding into external rhinitis medicine powder to cure various types of rhinitis and have excellent efficacy on nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC), the rhinitis medicine powder source is made from medicinal herbs resource and the method is simple and reliable, better treatment than the traditional antibiotics, vasoconstrictor, sulfa drugs.
    Fresh aroma
    Plant R & D(research and development) advantages:
    100% pure natural pollution-free wild Chinese herbal medicine planted by our own company as raw material, the effect is much better than catalytic herbs from the market acquisition, the herb rhizome visible, fully USES the original traditional methods, don't add any hormonal drugs, no side effects after use, adult children both can use, not the chinese patent drug mistaked for the chinese medicine, many patients have a misunderstanding that chinese patent drug is Chinese traditional medicine, actually most of the chinese patent drug contains horrible western medicine ingredients such as hormones and antibiotics, which can immediately ease the disease after patients take a few capsules or tablets, worthy pondering, we believe the most primitive is the most real and assured.
    Etiology and pathology:
              As the saying goes: thrashing snake in seven inches, finding disease root cause to cure. Any kind of disease, has its etiology and pathology. Cure to find the root cause, as long as we find the source of the disease and recuperate scientificly, will get twice the result with half the effort. When conditions are ripe, success is assured. Controlling from the source is the best way to cure. Blindly using antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, vasoconstriction, intranasal drug, electric bright, laser, freezing, microwave and atomization therapy, only have topical relief, formed "treat the head when the head aches, treat the foot when the foot hurts" limitations. Rhinitis medicine powder, inherits the essence of the chinese orthodox medicine, innovative use of herbs, conquer rhinitis, recuperated from inside to outside, Chinese medicine nursing, cure the disease from the root. Put to use the general principles "Chinese medical opinions hold that if you have smooth breath, you won't ache", which leads to a variety of diseases including rhinitis, dredging the channels and collaterals to have the remarkable curative effects on the rhinitic.
    Handmade cotton wool filling
    First of all, wash nostrils with clean water. Then, plug a powder bag into the nostrils as deep as possible, not expose outside of the nose. Finally, plug another piece of clean cotton.
    Powder package
    Directly sprayed into the nasal cavity
    Applicable people:
    1, Allergic rhinitis, chronic simple rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, hypertrophic rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis, medicaments rhinitis, rhinitis in children;
    2, Runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, dry nose, nasal itching, headache, dizziness and a series of rhinitis symptoms caused by the early rhinitis.
    During the period of use, in accordance with our Suggestions and the requirements, reasonable arrangement of routine diet, proper exercise, maintain good mood, natural herbs can play the best effect.
    significant curative effect:
    Rhinitis medicine powder will bring the joyous news to those who have lost all confidence for having taken Chinese and western medicine many times or visited all kinds of hospital for the surgery, laser or injecting nose needle, which can't completely cure patients! Our rhinitis medicine powder has cured numerous patients, which patients in the nearby city come to buy because of its fame! Some patients, the first day of use, smooth nasal ventilation, relieve pain, a few days after medication, symptoms disappear completely.
    Observe through the electronic endoscopy
    Before use: the nasal cavity of patients with severe rhinitis, nasal cavity lesions with blood, red and swollen, canker, ugly, this time the nasal lesion group has necrosis, so oral and injections no longer work. After seven days: there is a good improvement, activity of lesion is in returning. After 30 days of the use: the surface of nasal cavity couldn't see any problem, the original lesion site has returned to normal activity, nasal mucosa and nasal congestion fixed. Running nose, sneezing all the symptoms disappeared. After complete recovery: you couldn't see the original lesions, nasal mucosal surface luster bright, full of healthy blood color, tissue elastic, you have completely farewell rhinitis, enjoy the fresh air!

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