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Human resources are the primary resources of an enterprise, which is the decisive factor in business development and growth. We attach great importance to the training and selection with the full implementation of enterprise strategy. We have been attracting, nurturing and retaining qualified personnel, to maximize the talents as a strategic task of the enterprise.


Attracting talents
We have been adhering to the concept of "eclectic talents". With the external recruitment, we also focuse on digging out and training the potential workers, and gradually establish an attractive and competitive remuneration system and incentives to create a harmonious, equitable, liberal, and competitive work atmosphere.

Personnel training
We have established a complete training system for staff to provide good learning and training opportunities, to encourage employees to participate in various business knowledge trainings.

Use of personnel
We have been consistently adhereing to the concept of "people-oriented, expertise and resources". We focus on creating a relaxed and orderly environment, and strive to create the convenient conditions to make the best use of employees to achieve their greatest values, so that they can get a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in the work process.

Retaining talents
The key point of retaining talents is to keep people in care. To motivate employees to make long-term efforts to the company, we not only focus on pay and conditions, also pay more attention to the careers and emotions.

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